Yusuf Moolla
Eastern Mosaic Presenter

Change is inevitable - a new face, a new character and a new spark is always welcomed, it brings about a new refreshing element, keeping viewers on their toes - this new addition to the Eastern Mosaic family with his captivating smile, charming personality and sincerity that touches the heart is non other than Yusuf Moolla, a young and multitalented new face from Durban whose fast becoming a favourite with viewers.

In his recent appearances on Eastern Mosaic, he has already become a talking point - with many watching their television screens every Sunday hoping to see more of this new talent.

Do not be lead astray by the appearance, as inside lies the mechanics of a hard news journalist and a former lecturer. Yusuf is currently a news journalist for the Mercury Newspaper and had a successful stint as a lecturer for Rosebank College. His skills in the professional world and his charisma and presence on screen are a scintillating combination that viewers find very appealing and are a definite recipe for success.

At 25 years of age he has already achieved a great deal, but he is hungry to leave his footstep in the television industry. Yusuf's talent was recognised through the Eastern Mosaic Presenter search, as he was picked out of over a thousand candidates across the country. Through several grueling rounds pushing the candidates to their maximum potential, Yusuf took control of the various pressures, showing a sense of calm, character and professionalism - impressing the judges throughout the search.

Still relatively new to the presenting scene, he has picked up the reins and is galloping in the right direction - learning and growing rapidly every step of the way. A media and politics graduate and a media honours graduate - Yusuf always had flair for the field - from writing to presenting.

From covering poverty in certain areas of Durban and 150 year commemoration projects, to dining with the president and other dignitaries - Yusuf has shown his versatility and flexibility on screen. Always a pleasure to work with, viewers can expect to see a lot more of this the charismatic and humble young man with his magnetic on screen presence.